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Children Of The Lamp #1: The Akhenaten Adventure

Children Of The Lamp #1: The Akhenaten4 Star Rating
Children Of The Lamp 1 The Akhenaten
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" Children Of The Lamp #1: The Akhenaten " Is An Astounding Child Book

Children love Children Of The Lamp #1: The Akhenaten Adventure written by P. B. Kerr. Written by P. B. Kerr and the publisher is Orchard. It was available on the 1st of October, 2004. The kids book has 368 pages. I would like for you to get the best price when purchasing a kids book for your children!

children lamp akhenaten adventure acclaimed thriller

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Author:P. B. Kerr


From acclaimed thriller writer Philip Kerr comes an exceptional, imaginative adventure trilogy about a twin boy and girl with magical powers. Meet John and Philippa Gaunt, twelve-year-old twins who 1 day discover themselves to be descended from a extended line of djinn. Luckily (and luck does have something to total with it) , the twins are introduced to their eccentric djinn-Uncle Nimrod, who will teach them how to harness their newly found power. All of a sudden, they have the energy to grant wishes, travel to extraordinary areas (and not necessarily on public transportation) , and make people and objects disappear. And not a moment too soon!

You can tell from the quite initial page that P. B. Kerr had great fun writing his novel, The Akhenaten Adventure. The way the author introduces his cleverly named characters, the atmospheric setting, the fun tone of his narration--all indicate that a hugely entertaining story is in store. The initial installment of his Children from the Lamp sequence is set firmly in the present day, but it soon breaks away and encompasses many wonderfully colorful parts in the globe, England and Egypt included.

John and Philippa Gaunt, two twelve-year-old not-very-identical twins, live a privileged life on the Upper East of Manhattan with their wealthy parents and two curiously-mannered Rottweilers named Alan and Neil. And, when their estranged Uncle Nimrod asks them to come to England for the summer during one such shared dream, the discovery of their destiny is set in motion. The twins realize there's something amiss with their world when a string of strange things start to happen right after their wisdom teeth are extracted--they dream the same dreams, become stronger, their zits clear up, and wishes wished in their presence inexplicably come true.

P. B. Kerr, under his given name Philip Kerr, will be the author of a quantity of bestselling thrillers for adult readers. The Blue Djinn of Babylon is next up for people that get hooked. (Age 10 and over) --John Mc Lay His debut novel for youngsters is a slick, zeitgeisty fantasy adventure that is sure to win him a new raft of fans.

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