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Children Of The Lamp #3: Cobra King Of Kathmandu - Audio Library Edition

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Children Of The Lamp 3 Cobra King

Scholastic Audio Books

Author: P. B. Kerr / P. B. Kerr

You have got to read Children Of The Lamp #3: Cobra King an important kids book. Written by P. B. Kerr / P. B. Kerr and the publisher is Scholastic Audio Books. It was released around January of 2008. To get the same cheap price I found, visit our partners via the button below.

ASIN: 0545052467

From the NY Instances bestselling author P. B. Kerr, comes the third volume in this imaginative adventure series about a twin boy and girl who discover they are djinns. Format: 8 CDs, Unabridged In the third book of this bestselling Children from the Lamp series, djinn twins, John and Philippa Gaunt, are on the trail of however an extra magical mystery. As they travel from New York to London to Nepal and India on a whirlwind adventure, the twins try to support their friend and fellow djinn, Buck, find out who murdered his friend using the venomous snakebite of the king cobra. NARRATED by Ron Keith All too soon, John and Philippa find themserlves caught up inside the lethal globe with the Cult inside the Nine Cobras, only to discover that they themselves are a target of the creepy cobra cult.


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