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Children Of The Lamp #4: Day Of The Djinn Warriors

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Children Of The Lamp 4 Day Of The Djinn

Scholastic Paperbacks

Author: P. B. Kerr / P. B. Kerr

The author is P. B. Kerr / P. B. Kerr and it is published by Scholastic Paperbacks. The became available on the 1st of December, 2008. The book has 400 pages. Lots of people claim they don't have enough time to read, however reading can also be a beneficial utilization of time, especially with the appropriate children book, select the weblink below.

ASIN: 0439932165

From the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author P. B. Kerr comes the fourth volume in this exceptional, imaginative adventure series about a brother and sister who discover they are djinns. An aging curse has been placed on their father, and if the twins are gone too long, he'll quickly become an old man. Djinn twins John and Philippa are off on another whirlwind adventure that takes them about the globe and into unknown worlds. And it's a race against time as they attempt to rescue their mother from her fate since the Blue Djinn of Babylon. Meanwhile, museums all more than the world are reporting robberies of valuable jade from their collections, as well as bizarre hauntings.


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